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Well, you can radiate everything you are

I told you so

Well you can syndicate any boat you row
4 April
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well, you can radiate everything you are
Hello, my name is Eli, or Liz, or Lili, and I am mostly known around the internet as epaulettes or ssoleil. My original LJ is on permanent hiatus, but I wanted the opportunity to keep posting cool fandom-related things, so I made this journal as a sort of incognito way to do that. I consider this a mirror journal for my Tumblr and my Delicious, so I don't expect a great deal of blogging to take place. Just occasional spurts of content when the microblogs won't cut it. Also, commenting. Hopefully, lots of commenting will take place. :)

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500 days of summer, a single man, alphabeat, anime, art history, belle & sebastian, bones, breakfast at tiffany's, britannia high, bump of chicken, carbon leaf, cardcaptor sakura, catch-22, charlie bartlett, coldplay, covert affairs, david bowie, design, dianne reeves, disney, django reinhardt, doctor who, dogma, electric light orchestra, ella fitzgerald, emily wells, english, ever after, fandom, firefly, flogging molly, florence + the machine, franz ferdinand, fruits basket, funny girl, gackt, gavin degraw, glee, gwen stefani, harry potter, heart of darkness, hikaru no go, himym, his majesty's dragon, history, house, howl's moving castle, ikimono-gakari, imogen heap, inception, ingrid michaelson, interpol, iron & wine, iron man, janelle monae, jason mraz, jimmy eat world, jonathan strange & mr.norrell, juno, kate bush, kate nash, katy perry, keane, kelly clarkson, kt tunstall, lady gaga, language, lilly allen, literature, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h, manga, marina and the diamonds, maximo park, merlin, metric, mika, moulin rouge!, mumford & sons, muse, museums, my fair lady, mythology, natsume yuujinchou, no doubt, nodame cantabile, north & south, oldies, ookiku furikabutte, origami, ouran koukou host club, patrick wolf, pride & prejudice, pride and prejudice, princess mononoke, pushing daisies, queen, regency period, regina spektor, rilo kiley, ringo shiina, road to el dorado, robin sparkles, romantics, rosencrantz& guildenstern are dead, royal pains, rufus wainwright, sara bareilles, scouting for girls, shakespeare in love, sherlock, simon & garfunkel, singing, snow patrol, sociology, star trek, stardust, stranger than fiction, sufjan stevens, summer wars, supernatural, swing music, syfy's alice, tegan and sara, the awakening, the beach boys, the beatles, the chronicles of chrestomanci, the darkness, the decemberists, the hoosiers, the killers, the magnetic fields, the pipettes, the smiths, the tipping point, the white stripes, the wombats, the young victoria, theatre, toradora!, torchwood, travel, vampire weekend, victorian era, white collar, yoko kanno, you've got mail, zombieland